outlook express cannot receive html / enable html in list

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outlook express cannot receive html / enable html in list

Postby Cory » 2:21am, Tue 20 Mar, 2007

2 questions:
1] how do I mass update the receive as html after importing the records [or do I need to make a new spreadsheet with fields that mirror the ones set-up by default in php. Even though I have an html/text field in my spreadsheet, the proper field in php is not picking it up. Discovered this by going in and checking one list individually by hand which led to the following problem...
2] Now my outlook express recipients are not receiving any message at all [before they were getting text nto html]. Outlook, Thunderbird, webmail all picking it up but not bellsouth.net or the 2 OE people I sent it to through Bellsouth [ and no, it is not being dumped as SPAM. If I send it as a TEST message it will come through in OE as a text message. If I send through the email list [with receive as html checked] I get no message at all.
Please help - new to php newsletters and my brain hurts. Thanks in advance
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Postby H2B2 » 3:10pm, Thu 22 Mar, 2007

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