how to upload images to templates

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how to upload images to templates

Postby tyry » 1:36pm, Tue 20 Mar, 2007

Hello all,

I am unsure how to get images included in my templates, even after reading the documentation and searching the forum.

- I've installed phplist at /public_html/lists
- I've created a directory 'uploadimages' under /public_html/lists/
- I've set permissions to 777
- I've ftp'd a test image to this location
- I've got the following setting in the config file

I haven't found any way to upload images with FCK.... Is it supposed to be a button to upload images, or is this happening when saving the template?

If I specify image source 'test.GIF' (my test image). All I get is a broken image placeholder in FCKeditor. test.GIF is located in lists/uploadimages.

What have I done wrong? Help appreciated!
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Postby tyry » 2:12pm, Tue 20 Mar, 2007

OK, new try: :)

I upload the images to somewhere else under public_html, and in the template source I specify **full path** to the images (http://myserver/path/to/images/x.jpg) . They show up okay in FCKeditor.

When saving, _all_ images are listed as **not found**.

I get an upload dialog. I enter paths to images on my local PC. I press upload. PHPlist reports that the images are uploaded, no error message. But when I search the filetree on the server, I discover that no images have actually been uploaded...

... :shock:
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