Send to part of a list?

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Send to part of a list?

Postby mdellinger » 11:48pm, Tue 20 Mar, 2007

I have a problem.

I've tried to process a new message and it got through about half of the user list and stopped.

I then tried to resend the same message...same thing happened.

Now I want to send that message to the rest of the users that did not receive it either time. What would be the best way to go about doing this?

The problem is when I tested everything it worked fine, because I only had like 3 users (all my email). Now that I have over 200 imported in there, it's not working correctly.

Also, in the future I've edited the batch size. Will this help to get all the emails out? And will I just need to leave that browser window open an let it go?

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Postby hardwired » 12:03am, Wed 21 Mar, 2007

don't have an answer, but kinda want some feedback also from existing users.

I hate to start testing everything out, and when the campaign starts, it runs into problems like this.

Anyone here use it successfully, or are there still workarounds here and there that we need to know of?
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