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Change The Page After Email Confirm.....Please See

PostPosted: 3:46am, Wed 21 Mar, 2007
by enchantedone
Hi everyone i was hoping someone could give me a hand, so far i have been able to figure out how to customize as i like, but im having a problem with this one. after a subscriber confirms there email address they are brought to a page that says

Thank you for confirming your subscription to our newsletters. The newsletters you are subscribed to are listed below
Refill Reminders

This page is very unattractive and does not tie in with my site i have created a thank you for confirming page on my site but i do not know how to redirect the user from the email to my page instead of the default one.
i figure i need to use a meta refresh but i have no clue where to put this in.

if someone can give me a hand it would be so appreciated.



I Figured It Out, Still Have A Question Though

PostPosted: 2:58pm, Wed 21 Mar, 2007
by enchantedone
thanks anyway i figured it out. i added the meta refresh to the English file in texts.

this works good but does anyone know if its possible to change it someplace else so that it immediately goes to my page without flashing on the phplist page first?

if not this will work fine, its my perfectionism kicking in.