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Attachment on 1/2 and NO attachment on the other 1/2 of list

PostPosted: 3:50pm, Wed 21 Mar, 2007
by dustiswan
Anyone had any troubles with attachments not sending to some people? I tested it and it was there, I sent it and some people got it and others didn't. It was a small attachment. My husbands email got it, it's yahoo, my yahoo didn't. Any ideas??? My computer did hibernate and quit sending my message so I finished it in the morning, could that be the cause? My host says it's not an issue on their end.

PostPosted: 12:42am, Fri 23 Mar, 2007
by H2B2
Hard to say if that's the cause. You could perhaps creae a test list with a few test subscribers with yahoo mail addresses. Then run some tests to check whether or not you can confirm the problem.

PostPosted: 2:03pm, Fri 23 Mar, 2007
by Hernol
Hmm, odd. Dont think the issue is with your computer, it could be that something in your server was down for a moment and maybe phplist couldnt add attachment because of not finding the tmp folder... I'm just thinking, you could ask your host for the logs of that day.