How to disable unsubscribing from all lists???

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How to disable unsubscribing from all lists???

Postby ramziddin » 9:14am, Mon 26 Mar, 2007

Hi All

I am testing phplist now and one feature that I want to disable. I have got 2 lists: List A and List B

User X is member of both lists.
When for example I am sending a message to List A.
User X gets this message and realizes that he should not be subscribed to List A. He unsubscribes using the link on the footer of message. But he wants to stay in List B. However the system unsubscibes him from both lists.

I want to ask how to configure the phplist so that when User X unsubscibes using link on the footer of the message sent to List A, he is unsubscribed only from this list and not all lists.

I know that we can handle this problem by subscribing him again to the List B, but I want more sensible solution.

Multo Gracio

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Postby Keith Jordan » 8:05pm, Mon 26 Mar, 2007

They should have the option to easily unsubscribe from everything at once to comply with various SPAM laws. Perhaps edit your default footer for sending mail to encourage them to edit their preferences as to which email they get! I changed mine from the default to the below.

UNSUBSCRIBE at [UNSUBSCRIBE] or set your "Newsletter Preferences" at [PREFERENCES].

Forward this email to someone from [FORWARD].
Keith Jordan
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