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Configuring Send Speedy

PostPosted: 3:42pm, Tue 27 Mar, 2007
by Renan

(I'm from Brazil, so sorry for my bad english.)
Well, I have two problems ... because I'm hosting my Application on an Shared Hosting Plan... and we have two limits:
1 - Send only 10 emails every 10 seconds
2 - The limit is 3000 emails per day

So, How I can configure to this settings ?

Renan Gonçalves
Brazilian Developer

Anyone ?

PostPosted: 12:33pm, Thu 29 Mar, 2007
by Renan
Please, anyone can help me in this configuration ?
I dont see the solution in anyone place !

Thank you boys!

PostPosted: 12:51pm, Thu 29 Mar, 2007
by SaWey
Pleaser read the docs before asking questions.
This makes it more easy for us all.

You can find more info here: phpList Docs