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Change format of subscribe code

PostPosted: 2:22am, Sun 01 Apr, 2007
by emailwedgy
All, (php newbie)

Firstly I am blown away by the quality of this product. Many thanks.

Regarding the subscribe page:

I have added my own header and footer. All I want to do is tweak the formatting (line breaks, centering) of the body - i.e. the php bit.

Where is the code?

I have searched the forums and docs, and can find heaps of info on how to add and remove items from the un/subscribe page, but nothing on formatting.

I've checked subscribelib2, spage, index - no luck.

All ideas appreciated. Kind Regards,


PostPosted: 5:16pm, Sun 01 Apr, 2007
by H2B2
When viewing the subscribe page in your browser, you could take a look at the HTML source code. This should allow you to find out the names of the CSS classes and elements used as well as the location of the stylesheet.