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Subscribing via web site's Contact Us Form

PostPosted: 8:45pm, Sun 01 Apr, 2007
by vannbaker
I have a client who has a "contact us" form page where someone can e-mail them a question and send basic contact information.

Is it possible to have a pre-checked box with "Subscribe me to the ABC eNewsletter. And have the e-mail form field post the e-mail to both PHPlist and send the form information at the same time?

Or is this a lot of trouble?

I'm not a PHP programmer, so forgive me if I am asking about something that is simple to do.

PostPosted: 9:02pm, Sun 01 Apr, 2007
by SaWey
you could add a button that submits the 2 forms at the same time via javascript

Thank you!

PostPosted: 12:26pm, Mon 02 Apr, 2007
by vannbaker
Thanks for the quick reply and it looks like it may be a simple project. I guess I need to read up on my Javascripting.

Thanks again.