$message_envelope. Bounces not working. Help!

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$message_envelope. Bounces not working. Help!

Postby myopenbar » 2:03pm, Tue 10 Apr, 2007

I have uncommented and changed $message_envelope to bounces@mydomain.com

When i send a test email and check the source, it works like magic.

When i send out a real email to my list it changes the return-path to my from address.

WTF?!!! Has anyone else experienced this? Does this have something to do with QMail or Sendmail. I really need to start processing bounces and I have tried everything i can think of.

Thanks for any help you can send my way.

p.s. - I've searched the forums and have found tons of issues with bounces but no threads that solve this issue.
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Similar Problem with Envelope

Postby jasonfranz » 3:33am, Tue 08 May, 2007

I have a similar problem with setting the Envelope. When I enable that setting I get MASSES of 'unrouteable domain errors' for most if not all of my messages sent. As soon as I re-comment that line and send again, it seems as if most of my messages reach the intended recipients.

My problem is when not using the Envelope I get NO bounces at all!

How can I:

1. Set envelope to work correctly so I can mail properly AND receive appropriate bounces.


2. Turn envelope off, but still receive appropriate bounces to ANY email account on my domain?

Thanks much!

PL Nut
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Postby Hernol » 2:29pm, Tue 08 May, 2007

Have you read the instructions here http://docs.phplist.com/PhpListConfigBounces ?
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Bounces and Envelope

Postby jasonfranz » 3:58pm, Tue 08 May, 2007

yes, of course I've read all FAQ and Documentation. I already know that I cannot use automatic bounce handling since my host does not want to install the IMAP portion of PHP. However, I still need to be able to manually receive and process bounces.

Thanks for any help.

PL Nut
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