Auto-confirm subscriptions?

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Auto-confirm subscriptions?

Postby dkellam » 1:57am, Mon 16 Apr, 2007

Hi all,

I am new to PHPList and am looking to use custom PHP calls from another app to auto-add people to the mailing list. The trouble is, I do <b>not</b> want a confirmation email going out asking people to click to confirm their subscription. I want them auto-subscribed. What are my options for this? I'd prefer not to hack the php code.

Typical process:
* user goes to our website
* user enters their details (name, email address, date of signup (custom field))
* our php calls phplist, or alters its db, or calls a custom subscribe page
(passing the above details)
* user is subscribed to the relevant list (pre-selected/there's only one)
* user is automatically confirmed as a member
* NO confirmation email is sent
* YES a welcome email is sent

We will take care of the legalities of this on our main site, and still offer unsubscribe options.

Thanks for your assistance,

David Kellam
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Postby H2B2 » 10:36pm, Thu 19 Apr, 2007

You could take a look at this thread:
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