change subject accoridn to email address

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change subject accoridn to email address

Postby mridang_agarwal » 6:49pm, Mon 23 Apr, 2007

Hi guys,
I just installed phplist. I'm using it as a mass mailer for my organisation and not for newsletters. However, i need a particular feature. For example, i have 50 email addresses and for each of those 50 email address i have a Employee ID's. That means, 50 emails addresses and 50 employee id's - one for each. The body of the mail that will be sent to all is common but the subject should be the "Hello <employee>". How do i get the employye id into the subject field. i'm pretty well versed in PHP. i dont mind if i have to hack a few core files. Please help me out someone. Till date none of the Open Source PHP applications (Nucleus CMS, Wordpress, phpBB) have let me down, i hope i can add phpList to the list.
Thanks in advance guys!
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Postby Dragonrider » 8:57pm, Mon 23 Apr, 2007

First you need to define a new Attribute for your list, in this example, called Name and using textbox as type.

Once you have set this, simply add your employee name/id to each email address, and then, within your message body, start it off with Hello [NAME], and this should pick up the data you have entered in the Name field, and personalise each email sent.

This, as far as I know, works for any attributes you set, just enclose them in square brackets, they do not need to be all CAPITALS, though using Capitals will keep the continuity of phpList attributes, but as long as they match your field name, it should work.

I've just tried this as an experiment on my testing list, and it does work, within the body of the email. It does NOT however, work as part of the Subject field.
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Postby mridang_agarwal » 4:20am, Tue 24 Apr, 2007

How do i add a new attribute?
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