Unsubscribe threshold not working??

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Unsubscribe threshold not working??

Postby nephilim » 11:09am, Wed 25 Apr, 2007

Hi everyone,

i just installed my very first phplist instance. After some minor problems here and there I finally got it running, but now I have a problem with bouncing E-Mails.

Code: Select all
$bounce_unsubscribe_threshold = 3;

The above value doesn't do anything for me. I have a couple of adresses by now that have reached and surpassed this value, but nothing happened.
My questions are now: WHAT should have happened? WHEN will it happen (automatically, manually)? WHY didn't anything happen?

8) 8) Thanks in advance 8) 8)

I changed processbounces.php according to thread ID 3070 (I am not allowed to post URLs here, sorry)

Nevermind I solved it myself. I edited the php file above, only have a days work when you have no idea of php !! :evil:
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