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Tweaking the form

PostPosted: 1:05pm, Wed 25 Apr, 2007
by diddle
Hi all

I've just installed PHPList ... what a nifty piece of software :D . I've checked the forum, FAQ and docs before posting, but I've not been able to get an answer to what I'd like to achieve.

I have set up my subscription page, and customised it as per my site's look and feel. It's working great apart from the look of the actual form itself, which I'm not happy with. I would like to change the style of the text within the form, and also remove the "required field" line. I've already customised that line to now say "all fields are required" but I would like to take it out totally, bold some areas and tweaks like that.

I've read the doc in relation to doing a custom subscription form,
but I'm wondering if I can just let PHPList handle the subscription page and tweak the form myself.

Any ideas on where the form is constructed from and if I can tweak it, or is the above solution my only option? I am going to be managing quite a few domains so the reason I want to be able to tweak the form itself is so I can do a one-off change to the look and feel of the form that will apply to all forms on all domains. The doc above, while useful, would get unwieldy to implement every time there are list changes to several domains etc. It would be far better to let PHPList update the form's content, and just let me update the look of the form.

Thanks in advance for the help

Diddle :wink:

PostPosted: 3:07pm, Thu 26 Apr, 2007
by H2B2
You could take a look a index.php, e.g. around line 230. You might have to check elswhere too.