template images not showing in emails

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template images not showing in emails

Postby walrus01 » 5:38am, Fri 27 Apr, 2007

I am complete nu-b and have looked in FAQs and documentation for this...
I have uploaded a template containing two images (a logo and a background image repeated across the header). The .htm file links to a .css file and the images display fine in the FCK Editor window when I save the changes. However when I send a test message the images are nowhere to be seen - although the css file has obviously been found (because other formatting complies. Where are the images?
In the documentation is says
"If you upload your template, you will be able to add your images.'
How? Where to?
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Similar problem/s

Postby seacanyon » 8:06am, Fri 27 Apr, 2007

I've been fighting my way through this also. Why is this so difficult for new users? Is there some level of information/training required/expected for entry level on using phplist? Please let us know while I've still got some hair left.

Many of the mailers we've designed to send are simply a graphic with a link & I'm having an extremely difficult time getting these to work consistently.

Oddly enough they sail right through Thunderbird & my ISP just fine on tests to most webmail sites -- but choke on tests through pHplist (which was highly recommended by my site host once our list out grew the MailList Controller free limits). It's maddening.

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Postby walrus01 » 10:24pm, Sun 29 Apr, 2007

Doesn't look like we'll be getting any answers soon.....
Please let me know if you find out anywhere else.
Thanks for the reply.
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