Can't log into my phplist "mailing list" account

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Can't log into my phplist "mailing list" account

Postby autumntraces » 3:36am, Sun 29 Apr, 2007

[color=darkblue][color=darkblue]I created a new mailing list through phplist the other day and it was working great, however, I logged into phplist - main admin page to my account and changed my user name. When I tried to log back in using the new user name, it would NOT let me back in. I tried checking to make sure that I wasn't using "cap" incorrectly, etc. but no luck. Can any one tell me how to log back into my account so I can access my newsletter feature, etc. I have spent hrs. today trying to access it. I'm exhausted! :cry:
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Postby Dragonrider » 5:25am, Sun 29 Apr, 2007

Hi Autumn,

Easiest way to find out where you went wrong (?) is to check your webspace cPanel, locate the MyphpAdmin (or similar) and have a look in the phpList MySQL database. Select the phplist_admin Table, once loaded on the screen, click browse and find your admin/username entry.

That will show exactly what phpList expects from you as username and also something called namelc which is what name is displayed (I think). Make sure you changed the username, not the display name, and also, check that the password (8th field along) is what you expect it to be.
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