Process hangs or appears to start and loops

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Process hangs or appears to start and loops

Postby thodgen » 1:49am, Wed 02 May, 2007

I have a new installation of PHPList. I'm using it on another server, works find. This new installation, I can send test emails, and I have sent to a small list of 4 users with no problems.

I have a list of 346 users that I am trying to send a message to and it either quits during the processing (76/346), or when I try to open the queue again, the process bar scans from back and forth, but no emails are send, or sometimes a couple only are sent.

I suspect the list is corrupt, or something similar, but could be completely wrong. And other suggestions?

I'm trying to send the list out in blocks of 50 only to determine the issue, and they don't go out either - just process bar running back and fourth.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it.
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Postby H2B2 » 12:32am, Fri 04 May, 2007

Hard to say. Might be that you are taking up more server resources than you are allowed to. Or perhaps you are just overloading the mail server, in which case you could play with the mailqueue_throttle setting in condig.php.
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Figured out the issue

Postby thodgen » 12:54am, Fri 04 May, 2007

After a lot of experimenting and playing around, here is what I found.

It appeared to be a problem with a list, and when I imported to another site, it had the same issues. I started breaking the list into smaller lists, and noticed that some ran, others ran through a few emails, and some didn't run at all.

I exported the list, and noticed that some did not have names on them, and some had names that had a few spaced in front of the name.

I deleted the list, and removed all spaces at the front of the names, and added names for those that had none. I re-imported the list and it ran with no problems.

All I can figure is it was the spaces in front of the names that caused the problem, but did not find any issues on the forum for it.
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