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New phplist install

PostPosted: 4:39am, Wed 02 May, 2007
by bantis
Just installed PHPlist in my domain hosted by Lunarpages. I have a newsletter that I send to approximately 1000 people. I've been experimenting with batch processing and throttle settings but no matter how I set it the list is being sent at a much slower rate than the settings I've established. In other words, even when I turn off batch processing and set the throttle for a five second spread, only a couple emails are sent per hour. I'm not getting any error messages and I'm also not getting any bounces. I successfully sent the whole list one but it took approximately 7 hours to send 700 emails. I've looked at the config settings until I'm crosseyed so any suggestions on where to check would be appreciated. I've had Lunarpages support look at it as well and they had no idea why it was not working properly. I'm using a recent version of PHPlist that I just downloaded a couple weeks ago.

PostPosted: 3:00pm, Wed 02 May, 2007
by bantis
To add to my original post...when I run the process in test mode everything appears to work fine...but when I toggle test off then even the test email takes over a minute to come through...any ideas on what might be causing this?

PostPosted: 3:43pm, Wed 02 May, 2007
by bantis seems to sent text message ok but not html?

PostPosted: 12:31am, Fri 04 May, 2007
by bantis
Figured it out with a lot of help from the staff at the config page of admin on phplist...changed email server name from the name of my domain to "localhost" it is sending at proper speed and bounces are working...yeah!

PostPosted: 12:37am, Fri 04 May, 2007
by H2B2
Contratulations! 8)