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PostPosted: 5:37pm, Sun 06 May, 2007
by simoslav
Dear H2B2
please look : i deleted the whole account (the domain) from my WHM , then recreated it , installed phplist , and later you know, i havent touched to the original zip packages because when i look at the code with ftp there are no changes in the messages and texts , for this phplist installation must come without my changes made 5 days before, but they come ! , its something related with the server cache im sure! but i cant find where to delete this cache !

PostPosted: 6:03pm, Sun 06 May, 2007
by H2B2
You might be right about the cache, as there doesn't seem to be any other possible cause left. Unfortunately I have no experience with WHM modules, and can't help you there.

You might search the Internet for "WHM flush cache" and see if that helps you finding a method for your specific WHM module or you could contact your ISP.