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Admin permissions

Postby muppet » 11:47am, Fri 04 May, 2007

I've created a few admin accounts, so others can manage and run their own lists and newsletters. All seems fine, but:

1) how do I stop an admin from using a template I don't want them to, when sending a newsletter (format tab) - (i.e. Admin1 uses Admin1 user list and Admin1 template, but they see Admin2 and Admin3 templates) only let them use the one template I've created.

2) when admin sending a newsletter, on the 'list' tab, if they click send to 'all lists' or 'all active lists' does that do only their list or 'all' lists?

3) can't remember, will post number 3 when I think of it.
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Re: Admin permissions

Postby H2B2 » 2:38pm, Fri 04 May, 2007

muppet wrote:how do I stop an admin from using a template I don't want them to
The current version does not offer the possibility to have template ownership for specific admins. However, there is a mod that should make it possible to set admin permissions for templates. See
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