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2 Questions

Postby Hutch » 2:49pm, Sat 05 May, 2007

First, I apologize if these are covered somewhere else. There is so much information here on phplist that I don't know where to begin looking.

1) Is there a limit to how many messages can be sent with each email message. I use this tool to notify people who subscribe to a monthly newsletter when the newsletter is posted. It typically takes 3 mailings to get it out to 142 subscribers. And there is a 1 hour wait between each mailing.

2) Under "Manage Users" when I view a list of all users, what does the heading "bl 1" mean? Most people have an "X" but a couple have a check mark.

Again, I apologize if this is posted elsewhere. Please point me in the right direction and I'll gladly research the answers.
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Postby H2B2 » 3:15pm, Sat 05 May, 2007

The maximum number of messages you can send with phplist is more likely to be determined by the server resources at your disposal. With dedicated servers and sufficient resources, phplist has been used to send messages to over 200 000 users.

In the case of shared hosting, the hosting provider will usually set a limit to the number of messages you can send per hour or per day. You'd best check that with your provider, though is expect there wont be a problem with the small list you have.

bl l means blacklisted. The red cross means they are not on the blacklist, the check symbol means they are.

Users who unsubscribe are not removed from the user list, but are placed on the blacklist. This should ensure they will not receive any (unwanted) messages in the future, unless they go through the whole process of re-subscribing.
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