Cell Phone Text Messages

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Cell Phone Text Messages

Postby darrennye » 9:37pm, Sat 05 May, 2007

Hi all...

One of the fields in my mailing list sign-up form is:

Cell Phone Number (for text messaging)

And a second field for:

Cell Phone Carrier

I have a list of all the NJ carriers as a drop-down.

I also have a hidden field titled: Cell Phone Email

My intention, is to have a small program, maybe a cron job if I can figure it out, to populate the Cell Phone Email field, by combining the Cell Phone Number, and the correct domain name for the cell carrier selected. For instance, if someone keys in 732-555-1212 as the cell phone and selects "Verizon" from the drop-down, then their Cell Phone Email would be "7325551212 at vtext com" since Verizon allows sending text messages via cellnumber at vtext com. Other carriers use different domain names, but the same concept.

First - can anyone possibly write a script to allow me to do the above?

Second - it would be fantastic if this type of functionality were included in PHPlist -- as sending text messages, is becoming more popular with youth than sending email messages.

Note, swap "at" for the symbol and correct addresses.

Thank you!
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Postby Christine8 » 1:44am, Thu 10 May, 2007

That should be easy to do. Submit it when you get it.
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