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Disable Double Opt-In

Postby rain999 » 12:26am, Mon 21 May, 2007

Am reposting this again, because I may have mis-named what I'm trying to accomplish:

A political client for whom I've spent the last 3 weeks configuring a phpLIST according to her committee's specifications (for FREE!!!) is demanding that the confirmation process be eliminated completely. The forum item, "Advanced Answers, Howtos, Tips & Tricks: Disable subscription: Solution is here" is no help at all.

Please, can someone help me?

Has anyone (ANYONE???) been able to successfully disable the double opt-in AND get phpLIST to return their own custom response and system pages for:
1. Thank you
2. Unsubscribe
3. Unsubscribe Confirm page
4. Forward to a friend
5. Forward Confirm page
6. Personal Details
7. Personal Details Change confirm page
as opposed to the phpLIST auto-generated pages?

This is an elegant piece of software, that I would love to support, recommend and use again in projects in future, but the ability to fully customize is essential.

Thank you so very much in advance,
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