Does ReconcileUser Logic use MailQueue?

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Does ReconcileUser Logic use MailQueue?

Postby mst3kroqs » 4:29am, Mon 21 May, 2007

The subject line says it all.

I am importing 800+ new users using the Import with Same Attributes function. I am setting them to be unconfirmed, and then plan to use ReconcileUsers to get them all to confirm/opt-in.

The problem is that my ISP allows only 500 e-Mails per hour. I don't want to exceed that limit, so the question is whether the ReconcileUser logic that sends the e-Mails will use/respect the MailQueue throttle limits I setup?


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Postby H2B2 » 4:59pm, Thu 24 May, 2007

Interesting and valid question. I'm not sure, but I'd expect it should respect these settings. Let us know if you find out.
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