What Page Controls the Wording

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What Page Controls the Wording

Postby ROYW1000 » 10:39am, Tue 22 May, 2007


I am wondering if you can change the wording attributes for example on the subscribe page it says required field, email and Confirm Email and also what is displayed in the subscribe box does anyone know if this can be done and what php i should be looking for.

Many thanks

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Postby tim-dc » 8:54pm, Wed 23 May, 2007

Hi Roy. Well I have no idea whether this is the right place to make such changes, or how one goes about doing it -- or what it might crash for that matter -- but the text term "Confirm email" is found in the subscribelib2.php file. The term is near the end of the file, which is located in my "admin" directory. Looks like it's called when "if ($emaildoubleentry=='yes')" gets answered affirmatively in another config file. The other things you'd want to edit may be elsewhere in that file too. With a good backup, careful editing, and some bravery, it might just work.
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Postby H2B2 » 1:50pm, Thu 24 May, 2007

You should be able to change this in the language file you defined in config.php, e.g. english.inc
Ref: http://docs.phplist.com/PhpListConfiguration
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