define('LANGUAGE_SWITCH',1); don't work

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define('LANGUAGE_SWITCH',1); don't work

Postby Deleen » 9:09pm, Wed 23 May, 2007


maybe somebody else here asking the same, but i could not found the right answer in Forum by searching.

I set in my confing.php following:

define('LANGUAGE_SWITCH',1); - in my understanding, it is give me the possibility to change the language in phpList to german - like you could see it by the online demo-version. Or i am wrong? Well, it woult be great if I see the application in german - my english is not the best. Could somebody help me. Where is the mistake i did?

Thanks for helping me
Greets from Kathleen
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Postby H2B2 » 1:44pm, Thu 24 May, 2007

After login, you should find a pull down menu where you can select the language for the admin module. However you have to repeat that each time you log in. See also

Transistor describes a simple hack to change the default admin language from english to another language in this Spanish Forum post:
You might take a look at this.
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