Need some direction

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Need some direction

Postby antfarm » 12:40am, Thu 24 May, 2007

Just installed PHPList for the first time and I'm very frustrated.. I am sure this is a great and powerful mailing list program but I just need a simple 1 text field and a submit button that will store in a db.. Then for the list owner to be able to send emails to the list of emails stored..

Don't mean to sound like I am complaining, I appreciate this program being free to use it just seems very complex to learn and customize, or just strip down like in my case.

Is this the wrong program for just a basic mailing list signup / backend?

thanks :)
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Postby Radagast » 9:27am, Thu 24 May, 2007

If you want to reliably mail to a list, phplist is usually a good choice.

Currently your list owner needs to create your list information in a tab or comma separated file and then use the "import list" option on the main page to load it into phplist.

If this seems too complicated (actually I don't think it is ...), there is a hack to add a textarea that people can use to cut and paste email addresses here:
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