My list does not send to everyone

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My list does not send to everyone

Postby matt.lovett » 6:26am, Thu 24 May, 2007


The software is brilliant, however i sent my first newsletter and it went to 48,593 users.

Then it stopped mid yesterday and it says: 57507 still to process

any ideas how to fix this? I am using a dedicated server.

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Resend the message?

Postby Radagast » 9:13am, Thu 24 May, 2007

Normally phplist will not send the same message to the same user more than once.

So if you go to the list of messages, choose the message that you have already sent, click on "edit", go to the "Lists" tab and resend it to your list(s), only people who have not been sent the message should be sent it the second time.

No guarantees, however - don't sue me if this solution does not work as expected!

Even if you have a dedicated server, your ISP may have set a cap on the number of messages you can deliver per hour or day. You might want to ask them about it.
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Postby Radagast » 9:16am, Thu 24 May, 2007

Another option is to just run the command line that you use to process your message queue a second time (or click on "Process queue" on the right side if you are using your browser to run the job).
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