Importing CSV file of subscribers.

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Importing CSV file of subscribers.

Postby derekjackson » 10:20am, Mon 20 Jun, 2011

I'm struggling to import our contact list in CSV format. I was hoping to bring in the person's first name, surname and company along with their email address but I keep getting this message:
Fatal Error: Cannot find column with email, please make sure the column is called "email" and not eg e-mail, and that your column delimiter is correct

My list is in an Excel table setup like the attached image. As my email column seems to be named as required, I guess the error is the column delimiter - what should I be doing here? (I've left the Field and Record Delimiter values as default)

Any help appreciated!


CSV file.jpg
CSV file example
CSV file.jpg (201.35 KiB) Viewed 3795 times
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Re: Importing CSV file of subscribers.

Postby Dragonrider » 12:03pm, Mon 20 Jun, 2011

Easiest way I have found to be sure I get the format correct is to do an export from phpList, then use that as the basic format to import your own data.
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