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PhpList Hosted - Language Files

Postby jakoba » 2:52pm, Mon 26 Sep, 2011

OK, so i set-up a newsletter for my dad's company and have the following problem. While Hosted lets me edit the subscription pages, there are several problems. For one, the confirmation page for unsubscribing will print all words in capitals, regardless of the language files in use. Secondly, the page for unsubscribing cannot be edited itself. Also when putting in the text for the confirmation button, no matter in capital letters or not, the button always capitalizes every single word. Is there any way around this? We look like retards, capitalizing minor words :o
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Re: PhpList Hosted - Language Files

Postby RAYNAU » 8:27pm, Mon 06 Feb, 2012

Try the new version.
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