Receiving 2 copies of newselleter (html + text)

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Receiving 2 copies of newselleter (html + text)

Postby feedbackvideo » 5:47pm, Tue 04 Oct, 2011

Even though I selected to send only HTML to my test list, I get two emails to each account, one HTML and one plain text.

Here's what the statistics of that campaign show:

total 16
text 5
Html 11

Shouldn't text be 0?

Is this is because people can choose html or plain text? I plan to import a large mailing list from a database and they have all signed up to another email list which was html only. Will all those subscribers then receive 2 emails of each newsletter?
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Re: Receiving 2 copies of newselleter (html + text)

Postby duncanc » 7:43pm, Tue 04 Oct, 2011

When you send a test message, from one of the tabs when composing a message, then phplist will send both a html version and a plain text version. You can change this to send only one message through a setting in the config.php file.

Regardless of whether you compose in html or plain text, phplist will send the message to each user in the format specified on the user details page in the field 'Send this user HTML emails'.
If you want all users to receive only html format messages then you need to ensure that your import sets the field correctly.
However, there is a command under manage users > reconcile users to set all users to receive html format, and that might be the easiest way to ensure that.
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