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Blacklist message

Postby pcholakis » 3:41pm, Fri 03 Feb, 2012

Just received a complaint from a minority individual about the use of the term "blacklist". They were "extremely offended". Regardless of the origins of the term, this message should/must be editable in phphosted. How can I do this? If not currently a feature, can it please be added asap?
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Re: Blacklist message

Postby Dragonrider » 5:46pm, Fri 03 Feb, 2012

Unfortunately for your complainant, blacklist is a regular term used alongside whitelist as well in the computer mail world.

Fortunately for you, load the file lists/texts/ (assuming this is the language you are using) into a TEXT editor, do a search for "black list" and change the wording to suit your own preferences. My text editor found three black list occurrences.

What ever you do do, DO NOT change the BlackList wording in the $ part of the line that refers to the text used regarding black lists, otherwise nothing will work.
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Blacklist message

Postby RAYNAU » 8:18pm, Mon 06 Feb, 2012

In fact this term is going to be changed because although it is a common term in english language, it makes coming hair on the finger of somepeople.

It has been thought to use the term : bannished list, but this term is not also correct because there is no fault from the subscriber.

The correct meaning should be understood as follows and is used in the following circumstances : it is a list which is made when people ask for not receiving any more messages from the list or from the website.
Writing this point, makes me coming an idea which could be : unsubscribing list.

In fact, there is nothing to dig with that term and there is no gold at the end !!!!
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