URGENT: how to delete all the campaigns

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URGENT: how to delete all the campaigns

Postby Alal » 9:24pm, Tue 19 Jun, 2012


I set up a campaign last month to send an email every day. It worked fine until last week, I received 2 emails at the same time everyday. My email address is on the campaign list, but I only received one email before.

This email campaign is not test email, is regular campaign.

I wanted to delete the campaign and re-set. But I saw 17 campaigns on my list. After I deleted a few, there are still 17 shows up there. I think since the campaign is repeated everyday, even I deleted some, there are still more showing.

My question is, since I already deleted some, my subscribers won't receive for these few days... I don't know for how many days? The easiest way to continue is to delete all the campaigns and set up a new one again sending from today.

I searched all the forum, but seems no one ever asked how to do that. Please help... how can I delete all the campaigns?

Thank you!
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Re: URGENT: how to delete all the campaigns

Postby duncanc » 10:16am, Thu 21 Jun, 2012

I guess that you are using phplist hosted?

Best to raise the question directly through the url http://www.phplist.com/contactus when signed in to your hosted account.
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