Is the list re-sent again and again by default?

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Is the list re-sent again and again by default?

Postby jose34 » 8:05am, Thu 19 Sep, 2013


i have to following problem,
HOSTED service - no own installation.

i have imported a list of 2000 emails.
Sent a campain yesterday ...all good... i could see how 2000 emails are being sent, the progress of it, the counting down of the messages..untill all messages sent.

Another day, i get a message - i have to top up my credit - although yesterday i had enough credit.
So i check the list of campains - and there are new active campains being sent although i have not started a new campain - the subjects of campains are the same like the already sent campains from yesterday.

It seems to me like it is re-queued / re-scheduled or something and the all messages are going to be sent one more time or i dont know how many times... fortunately, it stopped sending because of 0 credits.

Does anyone know why the old campain seems to be sent again,
right now i can see the name of the yesterday's campain in the queue and 2000K emails inprocess? As said, the sending stopped because of 0 credits on account.

Thank you

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