Can't Update Subscriber Lists

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Can't Update Subscriber Lists

Postby dunmaglas » 1:53pm, Wed 18 Jun, 2014

The subscriber lists I added when I set up my account yesterday all have the tick boxes to select public view disabled in the admin page, though I Can still delete them (they're all public except 'test').

However new lists I am adding today are not showing up on the sign up page for mailing list subscribers. I cannot see anything that I may have overlooked.

Any ideas?
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Re: Can't Update Subscriber Lists

Postby danwaterloo » 2:24pm, Sat 12 Jul, 2014

you might want to add a new list, make it public, and then make a new subscriber page, and select the new list to show up on the page.

alternatively, you can also try editing the subscriber page that is NOT showing the list, and then indicate that your new list should be displayed.
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