Can't Get Through To User

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Can't Get Through To User

Postby ucsdalumnibayarea » 11:24pm, Mon 21 Jul, 2014


I'm new to the PHP List thing, but we've been trying out the Hosted service for our small group of alumni. I have a couple users who don't get (and want) my emails. I am trying to fix their accounts to make sure they get the messages, and so far have tried:

+ Removing them from blacklist
+ Confirming their addresses
+ Deleting their accounts and reimporting the email address

The next thing I intend to try is to see if I can get the user to update their preferences directly/resbscribe...but I'm not really even sure how to do this, to be honest.

The messages are not going into his spam folder, unless they are getting blocked outright. When the user was blacklisted, the messages would bounce. Now they don't do that, but they just never make it.

Any suggestions or help? I seem to be stuck on this...

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