PHP 5.4 and phplist

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PHP 5.4 and phplist

Postby skybird » 12:41pm, Wed 27 Feb, 2013

simple question:
Is PHPlist working with PHP 5.4 ?

Thanks for answer!
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Re: PHP 5.4 and phplist

Postby JohnDelay » 1:28am, Mon 01 Apr, 2013


I´d be interested in that as well.
Somebody out there who can give us an answer on that?

Regards, John
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Re: PHP 5.4 and phplist

Postby Dragonrider » 7:47am, Mon 01 Apr, 2013

Simple answer, Yes.

One of my sites is running PHP5 but relies on the host to select which version of PHP to run, another I have more control over and I chnaged my PHP version from 5.3 to 5.4 and nothing has changed or stopped working. phpList on that server is unaffected by the PHP version change, not have any other sites of mine stopped working on that server.
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Latest phpList version is now 3.0.12 (3 February 2015) and requires a minimum of MySQL 5.0 and PHP 5.3.x
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Re: PHP 5.4 and phplist

Postby tannert » 4:08pm, Tue 28 May, 2013

I am in a similar boat. 1 and is forcing an upgrade to their servers to PHP 5.4 .

I am currently running PHPList version 2.10.19

Should I worry about this upgrade? Should I upgrade my phplist to the newest 2.11.19?
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Re: PHP 5.4 and phplist

Postby Mister Paul » 2:24pm, Wed 01 Apr, 2015

tannert it's my turn, now!
After I&I, OVH, my hoster, wants us to upgrade to PHP 5.4

For now I still use the 2.10.19 version of phplist.
Did your tries have shown that this version supports PHP 5.4?

Thanks for your help!

Mister Paul
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