Invalid password, no installer

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Invalid password, no installer

Postby potcoffee » 7:20am, Wed 09 Sep, 2009


Just tried to install phpList according to the instructions. I got to the point where I'm supposed to go to /lists/admin for the web-based installer. Now here's the problem:

1. I don't get an installer, just a login screen.
2. admin/phplist does not work as a password combination, just gives me an "invalid password" error.

config.php is set up to point to a working db connection. db is there, but -- of course -- empty as of yet. I did not press shift, caps lock or whatever else when entering the password.

Install can be seen at

Any ideas?
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Re: Invalid password, no installer

Postby Dragonrider » 11:40am, Wed 09 Sep, 2009

Don't know for sure, but it might just be that phplist does not like the newsletter. subdomain? Might be worth trying it with the actual url to the phplist installation?
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Re: Invalid password, no installer

Postby KyleHarrison » 9:56pm, Thu 17 Jul, 2014

It is mid 2014, I am facing this problem right now.

standard URL, .com style.

how is this still a problem?
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