No content area on "Send A Message" - phplist 2.10.10 update

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No content area on "Send A Message" - phplist 2.10.10 update

Postby karma » 3:12am, Wed 21 Oct, 2009

I just upgraded from 2.10.4 to 2.10.10. After finishing according to the instructions, I had the same problem many have had. My phplist-Send A Message page was completely blank underneath the tabs, as shown in the attachment.

My installation stats:

PHP 4.4.9
mySQL 5.0.81
asp_tags Off

My database encoding:

I tried all of the many listed fixes, to no avail - nothing worked:

- turn FCKEditor off in configure.php file (DIDN'T WORK)
(strange that this doesn't do anything for the problem....)

- remove lines 589-592 of /admin/fckphplist.php (DIDN'T WORK)

- change lines 48-50 of /admin/FCKeditor/fckeditor.html (DIDN'T WORK)
(actually, it's now lines 119-120)

- replace entire FCKEditor folder with newly downloaded one (DIDN'T WORK)

- replacing the send_core.php file with the one from here:
(which simply implements the switching of lines 1034 and 1040 according to the instructions in that thread and elsewhere.)

I would not call this a "minor" bug, since it has taken me more than a day to research all the threads, try all the fixes, and finally find something that works, but that is how this issue is classified in the mantis bug database ( I'm going to try and add something to that bug report to bump this up to where it should be.
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Re: No content area on "Send A Message" - phplist 2.10.10 update

Postby lizeff » 5:24pm, Wed 24 Feb, 2010

Thank you so much for this post! It boggles my mind that I had to read 2-year old topics to try to find out why this software doesn't work out of the box. And I almost went through DreamHost to create a php.ini file that I could edit just to try that solution. I never even read a single thing about the "send_core.php" file until this post, and that replacement did the ticket! Thanks again for your community service :)
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Re: No content area on "Send A Message" - phplist 2.10.10 update

Postby Lenyman » 6:57pm, Mon 11 Apr, 2011

Im lucky finding your help. It worked for me (version 2.10.13 - fresh install). :mrgreen:

Deleting this lines from send_core.php file:
# $utf8_subject = $subject;
# $utf8_from = $from;
# if (strcasecmp($GLOBALS['strCharSet'], 'utf-8') <> 0) {
# $utf8_subject = iconv($GLOBALS['strCharSet'],'UTF-8',$utf8_subject);
# $utf8_from = iconv($GLOBALS['strCharSet'],'UTF-8',$utf8_from);
# }
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Re: No content area on "Send A Message" - phplist 2.10.10 update

Postby NilsC » 8:22pm, Sun 17 Apr, 2011

Lenyman wrote: ...

Thank you Lenyman, deleting those lines from the core fixed my issue.
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