Fatal Error: Cannot connect to database, Sql server is not r

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Fatal Error: Cannot connect to database, Sql server is not r

Postby seahawk » 3:34pm, Tue 14 May, 2013

I have now been trying a number of days to resolve the issue on my one site. After receiving notice of a spam attack on the site it does not want to send any newsletter. I get the following message:

<!-- using /home/mysite/public_html/lists/config/config.php --> <div align="center" class="error">Fatal Error: Cannot connect to database, Sql server is not running. Please contact the administrator </div>

I have contacted the administrator and they said that the server is running.

I have two other programs using the database and they work fine. On three other site I have now problem with the list sending my newsletters.

I have done the following:

1. Checked all database names; passwords, and usernames on the phplist config file. went through all the settings of the config file. Compared the settings to the other sites config.
2. Backup database, Removed the database and the installation and reinstalled all.
3. Imported the backup.

Asked the administrator on what the issue is and they have tried. I am now out of options and have to send the info of AGM to members and running out of time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Re: Fatal Error: Cannot connect to database, Sql server is n

Postby Dragonrider » 1:13pm, Thu 13 Jun, 2013

This is not a specific phpList error, it can happen to any database driven software.

Most of the reasons for this error do seem to boil down to either there is a fault on the database server, or a mistake in the way your program access the database.

Download the attached zip, unpack and copy/paste into a TEXT editor, replace the three database access values with your own DB details, username and password, then save as a php file, upload to your phplist directory and run it in a browser.

See what response you get and get back to us.
Code: Select all
# Change the following values to suit your database


Remove after use!!
Prepared file, just edit in Notepad or similar and replace the three values with your own settings, upload and run.
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