Database upgrade problem

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Database upgrade problem

Postby vincentraal » 6:20pm, Mon 28 Oct, 2013

Hi, this is my first post on this forum. So hello!

I was having some trouble upgrading to version 3.0.5 from 2.10.11. It is already resolved. But here's what I experienced, maybe some other users will find this information relevant.

What I did was:
1. download the latest release and copy this over my old installation (after backing up everything of course...)
2. opened the admin and clicked the "upgrade database" link
3. Then the problem occurred. The only output was that I the current version of my database was 2.10.11. But there wasn't any upgrade button.

The solution was to put some braces around the following statements in the file 'public_html/lists/admin/upgrade.php':
Rule 32:
Code: Select all
if (!$dbversion) {
  $dbversion = "Older than 1.4.1";
output( '<p class="information">'.$GLOBALS['I18N']->get('Your database version').': '.$dbversion.'</p>');

And rule 36 and further trough the end of the file an if/else statement:
Code: Select all
if ($dbversion == VERSION) {
bla bla bla

} // Don't miss the one at the end of the file...
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