Deactivate the retry sending system

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Deactivate the retry sending system

Postby lucablue » 1:36pm, Wed 09 Apr, 2014

in my phpList installation I've 6 email that system cannot find as "invalid" but everytime I send a newsletter the system get error from these email addresses.

Since I cannot find which are them, is there somewhere the possibility to de-activate the re-try sending after error?

My server continue to try to send the newsletter to these emails until I not go to the messages configuration and manually delete the newsletter.

Thank you for help.

(I use the 2.x version under Wordpress)
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Re: Deactivate the retry sending system

Postby duncanc » 6:32am, Fri 11 Apr, 2014

If you enable VERBOSE in the config.php file then phplist should show which email addresses are causing the problem.
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