Support for mysqli

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Support for mysqli

Postby Cornwell » 9:30pm, Wed 05 Feb, 2014

The code now includes both and
In the first version of this post I asked
Am I correct in my inference that is a supported replacement for And that to use it you simply replace the line in config.php to invoke it:
Code: Select all
# select the database module to use
# anyone wanting to submit other database modules is
# very welcome!
$database_module = "";

Things have moved on. I have made that change in three of my instances of phplist and last night I successfully sent out a message to over 1800 subscribers. I have concluded that is indeed a straightforward replacement for
The reason I raised this is that my php is currently at level 5.4 and when it goes up to 5.5 (probably around July/August, says my hosting service) it would have started to throw warning messages, which will disconcert my users, had I not made this change.

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Re: Support for mysqli

Postby durangod » 4:29pm, Thu 17 Jul, 2014

I am very happy also to see that you have atleast included the option for the MySqli libary. I was wondering about that when i DL this version if you had heeded the warnings of the past years and updated this to either MySqli or PDO. Thanks for going the MySqli way :) cause i hate PDO lol...

Now you have the option to slowly remove the old mysql library from your code over the next few years and thats great. This script suffered for a long time due to its prolonged lack of real attention and im sooooo glad that you have finally come of age.

To all those devs who work this script every day and or who contribute to it. Thanks for your hard work and long hours... :)
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