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Download file a mess

PostPosted: 7:50pm, Mon 05 May, 2014
by adoni

I downloaded the script

I opened it and the config file is all compressed, you know no breaks, unreadable

the doc read me mentions a file INSTALLATION it doesn't exist

did I just get a bad zip file or is this script being sent like this?


Re: Download file a mess

PostPosted: 8:44pm, Mon 05 May, 2014
by Dragonrider
Sounds like this results for you only.

What program are you opening/editing the config.php file in please?

If you wish, I can add the default full config.php file for you to download and compare?

Re: Download file a mess

PostPosted: 9:07pm, Mon 05 May, 2014
by adoni
my oldie but goodie ftp editor


i even tried notepad

none of the usual breaks are in place

I returned the single # signs

so it's readable now, at least the small config.php is readable

the other config is too large to try to create line breaks in so I can read it

anyway, the script seems to have initialized

so I'm about to test it

but it looks ok so far

not sure why my download had no line breaks in the config file

seems kinda weird

Re: Download file a mess

PostPosted: 6:29am, Tue 06 May, 2014
by Dragonrider
I've just tried Notepad and it does not like my config file either.

Hadn't noticed that before, but I use Editpad Pro, may I suggest that you download the free Notepad++ and give it a try using that to view/edit your config.php file.

Re: Download file a mess

PostPosted: 12:29pm, Tue 06 May, 2014
by adoni
I was able to get it working fine with the jumbled config file

I just line breaked the single # hash tags

so I was able to read it

only issues I had, was I tried to set up the bounce and the script used my main admin email address for the script in the from automatically

so after we put an old list with 150K addresses on the script I got like 1K bounces really fast via pop


so a fast redirect of that admin address to the bounce address solved that for now

but I need to tweak the script so I'll be asking a few more questions

I played with bounce and got it to remove one small lists bounces pretty easily

10K old addresses and about 50% bounced due to user not active or disabled

This list was so old not one gmail was in it


anyway, the script works like a champ

job well done IMO for an open sourced php script

oh to super clean the lists since they were well aged going back to the early days of the net when we used to run lists before we stopped it due to other projects, the trick I found was just setting bounce to 1

that way an old list that has 50% to maybe 90% dead addresses from the 1990's can be cleaned instantly with bounce

so that's something a newbie might be having issues with, trying to actually clean a list

default 5 is kinda high when you just want to verify old lists and clean them up

with so many new addresses going to huge email services like gmail and hotmail, you wont get many box is filled bounces IMO

so 1 negative bounce of the user not active or doesn't exist is enough to dispose of that address IMO

so far it seems to be a little slow though

we have dedicated servers all with 10mps and control root and our own dns

and to see it cap out at around 6500 emails an hour is kinda of slow

it's the same speed we had with an old 1996 era cgi script to add and unsubscribe email addresses we used inthe 1990's before the move to double opt in was mandatory

so now that we're redoing lists it's why we finally moved to a double optin solution like this is

also the resources are running hot, around a 4 or so cpu useage

usually we're like .25 to .50 max

so the base coding may be a little heavy to be pulling that much to be running 4 to 5 on a fast server