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404 error config.php pageroot

PostPosted: 8:52pm, Mon 05 May, 2014
by mikegunner
I have tried different settings for this parameter in config.php:
#$pageroot = '/public_html/dbmgphplists/lists';
#$pageroot = '/public_html/lists';
(# because I tried taking them out).
Config.php is currently in public_html/lists/config and that is in /home1/mydomain

In your guide you say: The assumption is that lists is directly off your root directory/folder, if it is further down, simply add the folders between root and lists (eg: /sub/site/lists).

Is my root directory /home1/mydomain ie above public_html ?

Everything else seems right, as per instructions. I will be grateful for any guidance.

I am trying to test via http://www.domain/lists/

I shouldn't think you will want the tedium of looking at endless files so I won't attach it.

Thank you
Mike Gunner
Spain Madrid time

Re: 404 error config.php pageroot

PostPosted: 6:19am, Tue 06 May, 2014
by Dragonrider
This should work.

$pageroot = '/lists';

Re: 404 error config.php pageroot

PostPosted: 6:05pm, Tue 06 May, 2014
by mikegunner
Thank you for looking at this.
I have got something working by moving the lists folder. It is now under my domainname directory rather than under public_html.
I found an old lists directory and compared what was there.
I confess I had also forgotten to put the domain prefix _ for database name and user name.

So I am now proceeding.
It told me I had to set my language (Spanish)
$default_system_language = "es";

However I had this copied from the old system. I don't know if it is OK.
$language_module = "";
I am now initialising. Seems OK. Thank you :P