About batch processing in 3.0.6

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About batch processing in 3.0.6

Postby maramald » 6:34am, Tue 10 Jun, 2014

After upgrading from Phplist 2.x to 3.x, I found 2 problems with batch processing:

- I used to process the message queue via browser with a setting of Batch_Size:36 and Batch_Period:120, but now the browser queue won't reload automatically; I fixed it by shortening period to 30 and size to 9, to avoid timeouts, but I don't know how stable is this configuration - and the Easycron plugin I spotted in another discussion, and I might be interested into, seems not to be there any more

- In 2.x I used to receive notifications of every single batch sending in my (admin) email account; in 3.x I don't receive them any more and I can't find any option to set this up, neither in the config page (where I can set the mail account to receive "sending started" and "sending finished") nor in config.php. Any clue to this?

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