External SMTP not Found

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External SMTP not Found

Postby waltercaro » 7:27pm, Thu 19 Jun, 2014

Hello, I have had problems with messages sent through an external SMTP when sending the message does not connect to the SMTP I've already changed the config.php file and config_extended.php and is still sending data to server.

What am I doing wrong? Do you have any solutions? not that I'm doing wrong :(
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Re: External SMTP not Found

Postby danwaterloo » 12:19pm, Thu 26 Jun, 2014

Hello Waltercaro,

First, the system only uses the config.php file (which is a simplified version of config_extended.php, using default values for the 'missing' variables). So changes in the config_extended.php won't affect the system until you copy it over to the config.php...

to verify the smtp settings, I usually configure an account in thunderbird to get the settings right, and then copy the settings into the config.php file. (I use the same process for the bounce 'pop' settings).

in general, for smtp sending, you'll need to enter the smtphostname, the portnumber, the username, userpassword, and if it should use tls/ssl (or not).
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