Need to update Database only, can you help?

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Need to update Database only, can you help?

Postby utopiaopera » 12:40pm, Tue 05 Aug, 2014

I updated to 3.0.6 (from 3.0.5) but something when wrong with the auto-update feature (Softaculous) on my server hosts platform.

They (Hostpapa) have basically said 'we can't be arsed helping you, our support is now all based in India and they are completely useless'.

So my files have updated to 3.0.6, but my database is stuck in 3.0.5. It offers me an Update link on a the admin Dashboard, but when I click it the update page is totally blank.

So, any idea on how I can go about updating the DB? I can do it totally manually if anyone know what needs adding or changing?

Thanks in advance.
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