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No Login After Upgrade

PostPosted: 2:06am, Thu 21 Aug, 2014
by KitchM
I just upgraded to PHPList 3.0.7 (Stable), and am viewing it thru Firefox 31.0.

After the upgrade it said to go to the admin panel up finish the process. However, it will not take any username and password combination I've ever used.

What is my next step?


Re: No Login After Upgrade

PostPosted: 8:25am, Mon 25 Aug, 2014
by Dragonrider
Have you checked your database settings in the config.php file? Do they still match your older install?

If those settings are okay then you need to visit your server admin panel (Plesk/cPanel etc) find the phpMyAdmin. Click it and find your database used for phpList.
Open this, click (once) on the (prefix)_admin and then find your admin login username, click on edit and then click the down arrow alongside Password and select MD5 (some say SHA1, but MD5 has always worked for me). Then select the contents of the actual password and overtype your password in. Save the page and you should then be able to log in to phpList normally (you may need to refresh the browser).

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