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Stop sending Almost welcome subscribe mailauto-confirm

PostPosted: 11:02pm, Wed 29 Oct, 2014
by activate1

I want to change the mail that is send when a user is subscribed to Phplist and let them auto confirm.

The email must be confirmed as they put it in the subscribe page, without sending the confirmation mail.

How can I do that?

Thanks and greetings,


Re: Stop sending Almost welcome subscribe mailauto-confirm

PostPosted: 3:30pm, Mon 03 Nov, 2014
by Cornwell
I'm not sure this is possible, Erik. The confirmation mail is there for a purpose -- to stop people adding somebody other than themselves to the mailing list. It may not always be a friend that does this. Also, if you are in the European Union, you need to consider data protection issues, as having third parties able to add names to your mailing list might constitute unfair processing.

There's two possible work-arounds. The first is that if you have a list of email addresses you want to add, you can import them, and here it is possible to make them confirmed immediately. The second is that the Reconcile Users screen lets you mark all users on a list as confirmed.